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MusclePharm Battle Fuel Reviews

Battle Fuel Test Booster Supplement 


MusclePharm battle fuel is a testosterone boosting supplement that's meant to help improve exercises performance and increase strength and muscle gains. It does this through several different areas including: promoting natural production of testosterone; enhancing levels of free testosterone; and better regulating of estrogen levels. MP Battle Fuel also claims to improve performance by improving mental focus, increase strength, cleanse internal systems, and support normal immune functions.

While MP Battle Fuel is designed to be a test booster, it almost seems that it's trying to do a little "too much" by including way too many ingredients. As mentioned above, it not only helps increase testosterone levels, it also contains adaptogenic and free-radical agents to cleanse internal system and improve immune function. So really, what is this: a testosterone booster, or a health supplement? The different goals of Battle Fuel are accomplished through 5 different matrices in its proprietary formula, and there are so many different ingredients in there that it makes you wonder if they even put any thought into why some of those ingredients are put in there? And it also makes you wonder, with so many different ingredients in the formula, just how much of each are you getting? The five different matrices are:

  • Muscle building block matrix
  • Natural testosterone amplifier
  • Internal support complex
  • Estrogen suppression complex
  • Oxygen and endurance matrix

Looking at the ingredients of these, the simplest matrix has a handful of ingredients, others have around 10 ingredients, and the Internal Support Complex has something like over 30 ingredients! WTF? That's not an exact count, but I think its pretty close. Looking at the list, I can see why some of them are included, but really, over 30 ingredients in one complex? And that's not even the main one that's intended to support testosterone production. It's like a mad scientist went totally overboard, getting a pinch of this, a dash of that, and somehow end up with a gym supplement that contains an obscene number of ingredients.

There's so many ingredients contained in MP Battle Fuel that we're not going to explain all of them, so we'll just focus on a few of the key ingredients, and hopefully, these are the ingredients that makes up the bulk of Battle Fuel for muscle building purposes.

Suma root is also known as Brazilian ginseng that has many health benefits and adaptogenic uses. For bodybuilding purposes, Suma root contains phyto chemicals such as beta ecdysterone and other phytocehmical saponins. Maca (Lepidium meyenii) is consumed as food for humans and livestock and is considered safe as other vegetables. Some studies have found that Maca extracts can increase libido in men and also improve semen quality and volume with hormone-normalizing attributes. It has positive effects on energy and mood, and may reduce anxiety.

Yerba Mate is generally found in weight loss supplements, where it is known to contain stimulants such as caffeine and theobromine. Yerba Mate helps increase focus and alertness, but because it contains stimulants, it can cause side effects such as shakiness and jitteriness. Ginkgo Biloba increases blood flow to the brain, thus improves mental alertness, enhances memory, and reduces mental fatigue. It has also been used to treat male infertility, improve circulatory system, and relax constricted blood vessels.

Fenugreek seed extract is used in Ayurvedic and traditional Chinese medicine. It has been found to enhance testosterone levels, and improve sperm count. Fenugreek has been found in studies to increase post exercise glycogen re-synthesis in human, and also has some applications for weight loss. Eurycoma Longifolia is better known as Tongkat Ali, or "Long Jack". It has similar effects as tribulus by stimulating the lutenizing hormone which in turn leads to testosterone production. Studies have also found it to increase sex drive and libido, and this is a rather common ingredient you find in test boosters and libido enhancing supplements.

Muscle Pharm Battle Fuel Side Effects

There's simply way too many ingredients contained in Muscle Pharm Battle Fuel. Seriously speaking, you could easily break Battle Fuel into two completely different supplements - one as a testosterone booster, which is what Battle Fuel is supposed to be, and another a pure health, adaptogen, and immune boosting supplement. It's beyond me why they went to such great length to include such a large number of ingredients in a test booster supplement.

While taking Battle Fuel, there was a noticeable increase in aggression and focus in the gym, which helped me blast through my workouts. While the strength gains were decent, it didn't seem to quite match a few other test boosters I've used. As expected with these types of products, the increase in libido and sex drive was also very noticeable. The matrices containing ingredients for enhancing testosterone and controlling estrogen worked very well. However, the matrices for cleansing internal systems and improve immune function that's supposed to support faster recovery and better gains was a toss up - I can't say I noticed any difference in that regard. Overall, MusclePharm Battle Fuel is a decent test booster supplement.




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