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Muscletech NeuroCore Review

Neuro Core Supplement   


Stop! Stop reading this review of Muscletech's Neurocore if taste is important to you. =) I have to admit, Neurocore isn't all that great tasting, and I don't want to waste your time by telling you that the taste isn't very good at the very end of this review. As you can see from our rating above, it only got a 3.5/5 rating for taste, and I think I'm being a bit generous there.

On the other hand, if taste is not a big issue for you, and you are looking for a pre-workout supplement that just works with great value, then keep reading! Putting the taste factor aside, let's talk about the product effectiveness itself, and get into a bit more detail about its ingredients.

One thing that really impressed me with Muscletech Neurocore is the product's ingredient label! Rarely (if ever) do you find any supplement that tell you the EXACT amounts of each ingredient contained. Typically, you get a so-called manufacturer's "Proprietary Blend" with a gross amount, and then a list of all the ingredients contained in that blend. However, you never know how much of each ingredient is contained, leaving a lot of "wiggle" room for the supplement maker to include more fillers and less of the good stuff. Muscletech is really writing a new page in the bodybuilding supplements labeling category with their neurocore, where they precisely disclose the exact amounts of all the ingredients contained. Kudos to them if they can start a new trend of more labeling transparency across the entire supplements industry!

So let's see what's contained in Neurocore:

  • Serving size 3.8g (1 scoop)
  • Beta alanine 1.067g
  • L-citrulline 1g
  • Creatine HCl 1g
  • Geranium Extract 177mg
  • Caffeine 110mg
  • Rhodiola extract 33mg
  • Deanol Bitartrate (DMAE) 17mg
  • Vinpocetine 1.7mg

Beta alanine and citrulline are pretty standard ingredients that you'll see in almost all pre-workout supplements. Both work to minimize fatigue and increase energy levels. They've been talked about extensively in other reviews on here, so I won't go in any more detail about them here. Creatine HCl is creatine hydrochloride, which claims to be a superior form of creatine that doesn't cause bloating or water retention.

Geranium Extract (geranium oil) is probably better known as 1, 3-dimethylamylamine (DMAA). It's a newer ingredient that's gaining popularity in pre-workout supplements, and it has stimulant effects on the CNS. It provides a good dose of energy boost, helps improve focus, and also helps improve athletic performance. However, DMAA is listed in the world anti-doping agency's prohibited list.

The amount of caffeine in Neurocore is about the same as drinking a cup of coffee. A typical cup of coffee has around 90 to 140mg of caffeine. Rhodiola Rosea Extract has long been used to stimulate the nervous system and reduce fatigue in traditional medicine. It's an ingredient that you often find in fat burners and diet pills, where it plays a key role in helping the breakdown of store fat. There are also studies that have found Rhodiola to help improve exercise performance by enhancing endurance.

Muscletech Neurocore Side Effects

Overall, the ingredients in Muscletech Neuro Core are very good, with no fillers and just key performance enhancing ingredients. With the transparent labeling, we know exactly how much of each is contained per serving. I typically like to get around 2g of beta alanine and 2g of citrulline per serving, so for my workouts, I took 2 scoops of Neurocore. Muscletech suggests taking a full 3 scoops to get the full effects, but I think 2 scoops is plenty. Especially taking in 3g of beta alanine is going to be quite bothersome for some users where the skin tingling sensation can be quite unbearable. The skin tingling / flushing sensation is probably one of the more noticeable side effects of using Neurocore, as this is caused by the beta alanine. Depending on the individual and the amount used, this tingling typically starts within a few minutes and lasts a short while.

Neuro Core also contains stimulants such as caffeine and DMAA, so some users may experience some side effects associated with these ingredients. Some may experience a crash, some jitters, increased sweating, and faster heart beat. For me, I did not experience any Neurocore side effects, other than the skin tingling caused by beta alanine.

Again, the taste is nothing to brag about for Neurocore. I wish they did a better job at making it better. Just plug up your nose, and chug the thing down. I'm not fussy over taste, so it wasn't a big issue for me. Aside from the taste, the effects of Neuro Core were excellent as expected. It contains a lean list of effective ingredients, all of which worked to help me increase my energy, focus, endurance, and reduce fatigue. While the taste got a low rating, its effectiveness and value got rather high ratings. So if you can look beyond the taste, then give Neurocore a try.




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