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Betancourt Bullnox AndroRush

Betancourt Bullnox Reviews   


Bullnox Androrush made by Betancourt Nutrition is a pre-workout supplement designed to help users achieve ultra high intensity workouts with more energy, greater pumps, focus, stamina, and endurance. This is one of those supplements that sure seems to contain a whole long list of ingredients, and perhaps went a little overboard. Just reading through the long ingredient list label is no small feat! Bullnox Androrush contains several different complexes each containing a rather long list of ingredients. These complexes include a strength and endurance formula; an energy formula, a NO formula ("Cardiovasomuscular Dilation"); and a testosterone booster formula ("Endocrine Ignition").

So let's have a quick look at all the ingredients contained here.

Strength / Endurance - contains taurine, beta alanine, CEE, creatine monohydrate, di-creatine malate, MCT, and CoQ10. Taurine is a semi essential amino acid. Studies have found it to play an important role in the production of nitric oxide among various other benefits. CEE (creatine ethyl ester) is a creatine derivative. It is a creatine monohydrate with an ester attached to it, and it is more soluble and absorbs better. Creatine malate is a creatine bound with malic acid. Beta alanine works exceptionally well at reducing the sensation of fatigue, and it achieves this effect by greatly increasing your muscle carnosine levels. Studies have found beta alanine to increase muscle carnosine levels by as much as 80%. Beta alanine is also known to commonly cause a skin tingling and skin flushing sensation, so don't be surprised to find your skin tingling within several minutes of taking BullNox AndroRush.

Energy formula - some of the key ingredients of the energy component in Betancourt Bull Nox Androrush includes Glucuronolactone, caffeine, tyrosine, guarana, theobromine, chocamine, and citrus aurantium. Some readers familiar with various ingredients will look at the energy formula almost as a fat burner, as it contains several ingredients that are quite commonly found in many fat burners. Glucuronolactone is an ingredient commonly found in energy drinks, and is known to increase endurance and improve exercise performance.

We all know that caffeine is a stimulant, and guarana is a fruit that is rich in caffeine as well. Guarana is also widely used as a stimulant and energy booster. Chocamine is a cocoa extract with stimulant effects as well. It helps increase energy, increase weight loss, improve mood, and also has weight loss benefits as well. Theobromine is found in cocoa and chocolate. It has similar effects as caffeine, although its effects are weaker than that of caffeine. Citrus Aurantium is better known as bitter orange. It is a popular ingredient that you'll find in many fat burners and diet pills. It contains synephrine which works by increasing energy expenditure and metabolism. As you can see, it almost looks like we got a fat burner within BullNox.

The Nitric Oxide component of Bull Nox Androrush contains AAKG, creatine AKG, L-citrulline, L-histidine, and a few others. This complex is meant mainly to increase nitric oxide production to give users greater pumps during their workouts.

Finally, Betancourt Bullnox also has a so-called "endocrine ignition" complex, which is really just a testosterone booster component. The key ingredients here are ZMA, tribulus, horny goat weed, and several others.

BullNox Androrush Review and Side Effects

Okay, so we've gone over some (many) of the key ingredients contained in BullNox. That sure the heck is a long list of ingredients contained in just one supplement. It could easily be broken down into 3 or 4 different supplements altogether! (ie. an energy / fat burner, a test booster, and a strength endurance enhancer.) Sometimes, with supplements that contain an excessive amount of ingredients, you begin to wonder just how much of each you are getting, and are you getting enough of these ingredients to see much of an effect and benefit?  I'm not going to bother to count how many ingredients Bullnox contains, but if you look at its label, you'll see it's a looooong list!  The serving size is 18.1g, and all the complexes are all labeled under one serving size of 18.1g, so you don't know how much of each you're getting. It feels like that they went a bit overboard with the large number of ingredients they stuffed into BullNox.

Despite that, this is not a knock on Bullnox, in fact, it's actually a very effective pre-workout supplement that gives quite a nice energy boost and strength / endurance boost. Taking it about 15 - 20mins before workout, I start feeling the effects within just a few minutes - more energy, more focus, a lot of motivation to crank through the workouts, a lot more endurance, and also some jitteriness. This brings up the topic of Bullnox side effects. Because it contains quite a few ingredients with stimulant effects, some users will feel some side effects. I had some jitteriness and noticeably faster heart beat, and also a little bit of extra sweating. Also, within a few minutes of taking Bullnox Androrush, I had some skin tingling sensations as well due to the beta alanine ingredient. My suggestions is to start this with a half dose to see how you react to it first, and if everything is okay, then go with a full dose as recommended on the label instructions.




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