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ON Platinum Hydro Builder Review

Optimum Nutrition HydroBuilder   


Platinum Hydrobuilder is another premium whey protein powder made by Optimum Nutrition that has some similarities with ON HydroWhey. The names are quite similar, but there are some major differences in the ingredients of these two protein supplements which are designed for slightly different purposes. In our Optimum Hydro Builder review here, we'll take a look at Hydrobuilder and also compare it to Hydrowhey to see what the major differences are.

Being a "premium" whey supplement, ON Hydro Builder isn't cheap. In fact, it's actually a bit expensive. To get a better understanding of Hydrobuilder, let's take a look at it's ingredients and compare it side-by-side with ON's HydroWhey.

                                   HydroBuilder           HydroWhey

Serving Size                1 scoop (52g)         1 scoop (39g)  
Calories                              180                        140
Fat                                     2.5g                        1g
Cholesterol                       50mg                        0mg
Carbohydrates                     8g                         2g
Protein                                30g                        30g
Micronized Creatine            5g                          n/a
Betaine                               2.5g                       n/a
Micronized Amino Acid         2g                          n/a

Optimum Hydrobuilder contains a protein blend of hydrolyzed whey isolate, casein, whey concentrate, and hydrolyzed egg albumen. Hydrowhey on the other hand, is 100% hydrolyzed whey protein isolates. Because of this, Hydrowhey is better used immediately after workout so that you get maximum amount of very fast absorbing hydrolyzed whey to your muscles. Optimum Hydro Builder on the other hand, is a protein blend that consists of fast and slow absorbing proteins. It also contains several types of different proteins such as hydrolyzed whey isolates, casein, and egg proteins. For a premium whey powder, they should've just omitted the whey protein concentrate altogether. With that said, the protein blend of Hydro Builder offers a bit of a time release component with the slow digesting casein proteins, so it's best used during other times throughout the day, whereas Hydrowhey is a much better choice as a post-workout protein powder.

Aside from the protein profiles, the other major difference between ON Platinum Hydrobuilder and HydroWhey is that Hydro Builder contains 5g of micronized creatine along with 2.5g of betaine. Hydrowhey contains none of these. Betaine is an ingredient that has been found in various studies to help enhance various aspects of exercise performance. Take a look...

One study with 12 male participants were given either betaine or a placebo for 14 days, and completed a high intensity strength challenge involving bench press, squats, and jump tests. The results found that betaine supplementation helps to increase power and force in the selected performance measures. [1] Another study with 24 male subjects were given either betaine or a placebo. They were tested before supplementation, at day 1, day 7, and then day 14 of supplementation. The participants were subjected to vertical jump power and bench press throw power tests. They also performed squats and bench presses at 75% of their 1 rep max weight until failure. The results did not find significant improvements in the bench press exercise. However, the number of squat reps performed was significantly higher in the betaine group compared to the placebo group. The study concluded that betaine supplementation helps to improve muscle endurance in squats and increase the number of reps performed. [2] Other studies have also found betaine to help significantly reduce fatigue.

With ON Platinum Hydro Builder, you're not just getting a protein blend supplement, but it also comes with some creatine and betaine to help enhance exercise performance. It comes in 7, 20, and 40 serving container sizes. Again, being a premium protein supplement, it's not cheap. The flavors available are chocolate and vanilla. Both taste quite good, and make a somewhat thick protein shake. If you're looking for a post workout protein, I'd go with Hydrowhey instead. But as a protein to use throughout the day, I would suggest taking ON Platinum Hydrobuilder with milk (it tastes better with milk).




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