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The Best Top Rated Mass Gainer Supplements

What Is the Best Mass Gainer Supplement?

#1: Cytosport Monster Mass

Monster Mass is made by Cytosport - a supplement maker known for its quality products. Our top #1 and #2 picks for the top weight gainers are made by Cytosport. While both have a very similar rating, Monster Mass slightly edged out Cytogainer for the #1 spot. Each serving contains 640 calories along with 17g of fat, 71g of carbohydrates, and 50 grams of protein.

#2: Optimum Nutrition Pro Complex Gainer

ON ProComplex Gainer is a lean gainer that contains 60g protein and 84g carbohydrates per serving, and each serving contains 650 calories. It also contains a high quality protein blend of whey concentrates and isolates, egg albumin, calcium caseinate, and hydrolyzed whey peptides. It has great tasting flavors and it all mixes exceptionally well making this one of the best weight gainers on the market.

#3: Dymatize Elite Mass Gainer

Dymatize Elite Mass is a top notch weight gainer that combines high quality proteins with high quality carbohydrates to give users an exceptional quality lean gainer. It contains 55g of proteins per serving, uses high molecular weight carbs such as waxy maize, and also contains BCAA's along with some creatine as well.

#4: MHP Up Your Mass

MHP Up Your Mass is a weight gainer with a macro nutrition profile of 45-35-20. It contains high quality proteins; it provides a high quality blend of low glycemic index carbs from high dietary fiber sources such as barley and oats; and Up Your Mass also provides a good source of essential fatty acids such as flaxseed oil, borage seed oil, CLA, and Omega 3.

#5: Cytosport CytoGainer

Cytogainer is a popular mass gainer supplement made by Cytosport. Each serving provides you with 580 calories, 79g of carbohydrates, 54g of protein, and just 6g of fat. There is also a small amount of creatine monohydrate contained in Cytogainer. It comes in several different flavors that are very good tasting including chocolate malt, vanilla, strawberry, banana, cookies & cream, and chocolate mint. Its high quality protein and carbohydrate content makes this one of the best mass gainer products on the market.

Our Choices of Top Rated Mass Gainer Supplements

The mass gainers listed above are what we feel to be several of the best mass gainer protein supplements on the market. It is based on a combination of our own experiences along with our assessment of user feedback and reviews received. In fact, if you've used any of these listed here, please feel free to share your feedback and comments on their review pages. This is of course, not a complete list of all the mass gainers out there; however, it does contain some of the better ones.

There are literally hundreds of different weight gaining products on the market, and sometimes it can be difficult to choose one. How do you go about choosing one weight gainer over another? One of the key things we look for is to avoid mass gainers that do a lot of carb stuffing where you get an obscene amount of carbohydrates per serving. This is why we always look carefully at how much protein and how much carbohydrates are contained in the mass gaining supplements. Below, we list more weight gaining supplements and their reviews.

More Mass Gainer Supplement Reviews

BSN True Mass Review
BSN's True Mass is one of the top rated mass gainer supplements on our list. Each serving contains 630 calories including 76g of carbs, 46g of proteins, and 16g of fat.

Effectiveness: 4.5
Taste: 4.2
Value: 4.3
Overall: 4.3

Optimum SeriousMass Review
Serious Mass by Optimum Nutrition is a rather popular weight gainer supplement, that's "seriously" heavy on the calorie side.

Effectiveness: 4.1
Taste: 4.2
Value: 4.4
Overall: 4.2

Prolab N-Large 2 Review
Prolab N-Large 2 has been around for a long time, and it has always been one of the top rated mass gainer powder on the market.

Effectiveness: 4.2
Taste: 4.2
Value: 4.6
Overall: 4.3

Muscletech Mass Tech Gainer
Read our review of Masstech and see how it compares stacked up with two other top rated weight gainers.

Effectiveness: 4.3
Taste: 4.3
Value: 3.8
Overall: 4.1





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